My wife and I have been tenants of Red Rhino Realty for over 4 years. Reggie and Rhianna definitely know what they are doing and for us, their friendly,  family-like management of the property is so appreciated. We live in Kensington and knew them before moving into one of their properties 4+ years ago. It was the best decision we could have made and they haven’t disappointed! They’ve had recently acquired the property and made every improvement (appearance and security) possible.

Rhianna and Reggie also have a great talent for hiring great staff/team members. From the office manager, handyman, and even the gardener too! …he gave me free advice on some plants of mine. They are all super friendly and as I said, feel like family,  if your family is also top of their field!

We look forward to continuing saving for our 1st home while enjoying a great place to live! Thanks Red Rhino!!!

– Dave, Kensington, San Diego, CA