Normal Heights San Diego

Normal Heights, San Diego: Community Spotlight

A blue and red sign that says Normal Heights hanging above Adams Avenue
The Normal Heights sign hanging above Adams Avenue.

Nothing about Normal Heights is “normal.” In fact,  some locals even dub it “Abnormal Heights.” With charm and life on every corner, this is a part of the city that many want to call home. Property investors look to Normal Heights for the millennial buying power. Millennials love this neighborhood due to the walkability, central location, racial diversity, and things to do. 

The Art Form and Book Tree building on Adams Avenue in Normal Heights San Diego
Book Tree and Art Form near Adams Avenue in Normal Heights.

Things to Do 

Restaurants, cafes, street fairs—oh my! One thing is for sure, you will have plenty to do if you live in Normal Heights. Every year, the Adams Avenue Street Fair spans the streets and brings people from all over town to enjoy the sights and sounds of this city. The Adam’s Avenue Street Fair is Southern California’s largest free two-day music festival. If you are trying to figure out where to live in San Diego, visiting Normal Heights during the street fair is a great time to see the life of the neighborhood! If that doesn’t work with your schedule, just park your car near Lestat’s Coffee House, and walk up and down Adams. You will be sure to find somewhere that piques your interest. Everything from quenching your thirst at The Rabbit Hole, to getting a bite to eat at Nozaru Ramen Bar, to just simply enjoying the eclectic shops all around. 


Normal Heights is top-notch if you are looking for a walkable neighborhood. Your home will be near coffee shops, restaurants, and shops that you can walk to. But, beyond just walking to stores, you can walk along the gorgeous canyon north of Adams, and even take a long stroll down to North Park or University Heights. It truly is one of the most central areas to everything San Diego has to offer, and one of the best places to live if you enjoy exploring by foot. Okay, we are done gushing now. 


With beautiful diversity, The San Diego Union-Tribune has said that it is the only neighborhood that perfectly reflects the city’s diversity. That is pretty incredible if you ask us. According to City-Data, the median household income in San Diego is $50,090, which is less than the city of San Diego, where the median income is $71,481. The median age in Normal Heights is 35.6, which is just slightly older than the rest of San Diego, which is 34.2 years old.


The best way to check out schools in Normal Heights is to check out this map by Voice of San Diego. This map allows you to click around and check out the school ratings, test scores, and the other information that you hold essential for your family’s education.

The Lestat's Coffee house sign on a red building with gargoyles on the roof in Normal Heights San Diego
Lestat’s Coffee House is a great place to relax in Normal Heights.

Freeway Access

You won’t be disappointed with your access to the rest of San Diego county from Normal Heights. Nestled between the 15 and 805 freeways, just south of the 8, means that you will be 5 minutes from Mission Valley, 10-15 minutes from the beach, and central to almost anything you can think of. Not to mention, it is super easy to stay off of the freeways with your accessibility to El Cajon Boulevard and Adams Avenue. 

You can also access the city through the MTS bus stops in San Diego. With routes that go downtown, to the beaches, La Jolla, and anywhere else you need to go! Public transportation is always a great, eco-friendly way to explore your city, and Normal Heights is the perfect place to hop onto the bus and explore.

If the walkability, diversity, and overall quirkiness of Normal Heights sound good to you—contact us. We would love to help you with your real estate needs, whether you are buying, selling, remodeling, or leasing your home. We cannot wait to get to know you! 

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