Sick of dealing with crappy property management companies?
Us too.

That’s why we set out to rock the industry. No stacks of paper. No missed callbacks. We started off managing our own properties and that’s exactly what we’ll do for you. We will treat it like our own investment, keeping costs low and revenues up.

We utilize the newest property management software to keep everything organized. All tenant requests and rent collection are done through an online portal while the owners have their own portal that allows them to see exactly what’s happening anytime. Oh, and that fair housing thing? It’s super important to us too!

Check out our amazing reviews from both clients AND tenants. We are keeping everyone happy around here!

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How Our Clients Feel

My experience with the Red Rhino team compared to other realty firms in New York is truly night and day. Rhianna and the team are extremely pleasant to deal with and really make it known they are there for you. Red Rhino is a hidden gem in the New York market and sets the example for how the relationship between tenant and owner should be. - Tyler, New York, NY

-Tyler, New York, NY

This was my first rental experience in New York (and the US), and as an Australian citizen new to the country it seemed overwhelming and confusing at first. However, my experience was easy and completely stress free. Rhianna's friendliness mixed with professionalism made me feel comfortable in any situation - from navigating the paperwork, to organizing repairs, and most recently with the change of my circumstances during the pandemic - nothing has ever been too big of a problem and everything was always taken care of and organized so quickly! - Laura, New York, NY

-Laura, New York, NY

My wife and I have been tenants of Red Rhino Realty for over 4 years. Reggie and Rhianna definitely know what they are doing and for us, their friendly,  family-like management of the property is so appreciated. We live in Kensington and knew them before moving into one of their properties 4+ years ago. It was the best decision we could have made and they haven't disappointed! - Dave, Kensington, San Diego, CA

-Dave, Kensington, San Diego, CA

I have rented from eight different property managers over the years and have many friends and family that rent and I can tell you with complete confidence, Red Rhino Realty is next level when it comes to excellent property management. They genuinely care about their tenants, their buildings, and their business. Rhianna and Reggie are a fantastic team and are just good-hearted people. - Caresse, Kensington, San Diego, CA

-Caresse, Kensington, San Diego, CA

Reggie and Rhianna are amazing and responsible landlords. They care about the lives of the people they rent to and they take care of the places their tenants call “home.” You’re in the best hands when you rent from them or have them manage your investment property. - Josh, San Diego, CA

-Josh, San Diego, CA