“She made the process so painless and easy. Ami was truly the whole package.”

Ami started out as our relator, but she ended up as a friend. Ami was knowledgeable in ALL aspects of real estate, from remodeling and updates, to renting, to reselling, etc.. She’s also been in the real estate business long enough that she had connections in various parts of real estate.

Ami was very thorough with everything. When we were looking into houses that had work done to them, she would to go city hall to make sure the construction/add-ons were up to code. I’ve had friends who had to tear down a bathroom or a kitchen because the remodeled work was not up to codes or was not done by a professional, and they weren’t notified before they closed escrow. We lucked out having such an honest and upfront realtor like Ami.

She was familiar with all areas of San Diego: which areas were up and coming, which areas were great for young professionals, etc. She was even willing to make trips out to Temecula if we had our heart set on a house. Ami was very prompt in responding back to emails. We had plenty of questions, as this was our first time buying a house, and Ami had answers for all of them in words that we could understand.

When it came down to negotiations and counter bids, Ami really listened to what we wanted and what we could afford to offer. Should would always sit down with us and go over all details very thoroughly to make sure we were making a smart decision.

If we ever decide to sell the house, Ami will definitely be our contact! It would be an honor to work with her again. She made the process so painless and easy. Ami was truly the whole package. We are so grateful and were so lucky to have her.

– Happy Homebuyer, Paradise Hills, CA

“You couldn’t find a better realtor.”

We met Ami when we rented a place for 10 weeks. When we told her we were interested in look for a place to buy, she met with us right away. After discussing what we were looking for, she suggested Chula Vista area. With her help we found a great house to buy and just love the place. She was helpful throw out the process of buying this house and hooked us up with the right people for repairs along with anything else we needed. You couldn’t find a better realtor.

– Happy Homebuyer, Chula Vista, CA

“Ami was instrumental in helping us close the deal which was not easy in a competitive area like Kensington”

Ami is a great resource for anyone looking to buy or sell a house. My wife and I work in property investment and management. Since we started working with Ami, we have not used any one else. She has helped us to locate and negotiate the sale of two excellent investment properties in our target area of uptown San Diego. From start to finish, Ami helped us to decide which property to buy, worked out the math on what the cash flow will be, and worked closely with the other agent to make sure our offer was the one to be accepted. When the time came to purchase a personal residence, Ami was instrumental in helping us close the deal which was not easy in a competitive area like Kensington! She did an excellent job selling our previous residence faster than the comps on the market. I can’t say enough about her as a salesperson, a professional and a deal maker. The new office located on Adams Ave is a great place to start if you are looking to buy!

– Happy Homebuyer, Kensington, San Diego, CA

“Red Rhino is the “Dream Team” and I look forward to working with them again.”

As a first-time and VA homebuyer, I was initially intimidated by the home-buying process but I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was.  I attribute that to my real estate agent the amazing Ms. Ami Lewallen.  She started by outlining the entire process and then walked me through each step along the way to ensure that I understood everything.  She got me acquainted with the market, found my beautiful new home, helped me put together a strong offer, negotiated the price way down, and coordinated all of my inspections.  She even helped me find all the vendors to take care of my house after the deal was done.

My Transaction Coordinator Ms. Mahlea was a dream to work with.  She made sure that things kept moving and gave me a gentle nudge if I missed something.

If you’re looking for a design expert, Rhianna is your girl!  Being that I’m a guy (and have no sense of style or taste), I didn’t have a clue how to furnish or decorate my home.  Rhianna helped me pick out furniture, colors, bedding, and even the dishes.  I get so many compliments…. she is brilliant!

In short, Red Rhino is the “Dream Team” and I look forward to working with them again.

– Happy Homebuyer, Palm Springs, CA

“Red Rhino sets the example for how the relationship between tenant and owner should be.”

My experience with the Red Rhino team compared to other realty firms in New York is truly night and day. Rhianna and the team are extremely pleasant to deal with and really make it known they are there for you. All maintenance requests are dealt with in a timely manner and we even get unrequested fixes, such as new A/Cs in each room. Additionally, we appreciate the modern infrastructure the firm has, which makes things like paying your monthly rent simple and easy. Red Rhino is a hidden gem in the New York market and sets the example for how the relationship between tenant and owner should be.

– Tyler, New York, NY

“My experience was easy and completely stress free.”

Rhianna and the team at Red Rhino are fantastic. This was my first rental experience in New York (and the US), and as an Australian citizen new to the country it seemed overwhelming and confusing at first. However, my experience was easy and completely stress free. Rhianna’s friendliness mixed with professionalism made me feel comfortable in any situation – from navigating the paperwork, to organizing repairs, and most recently with the change of my circumstances during the pandemic – nothing has ever been too big of a problem and everything was always taken care of and organized so quickly! I feel lucky to have been in good hands renting with Rhianna. Would definitely recommend!!

– Laura, New York, NY

“It was the best decision we could have made and they haven’t disappointed!”

My wife and I have been tenants of Red Rhino Realty for over 4 years. Reggie and Rhianna definitely know what they are doing and for us, their friendly,  family-like management of the property is so appreciated. We live in Kensington and knew them before moving into one of their properties 4+ years ago. It was the best decision we could have made and they haven’t disappointed! They’ve had recently acquired the property and made every improvement (appearance and security) possible.

Rhianna and Reggie also have a great talent for hiring great staff/team members. From the office manager, handyman, and even the gardener too! …he gave me free advice on some plants of mine. They are all super friendly and as I said, feel like family,  if your family is also top of their field!

We look forward to continuing saving for our 1st home while enjoying a great place to live! Thanks Red Rhino!!!

– Dave, Kensington, San Diego, CA

“They genuinely care about their tenants, their buildings, and their business.”

I have rented from eight different property managers over the years and have many friends and family that rent and I can tell you with complete confidence, Red Rhino Realty is next level when it comes to excellent property management. They genuinely care about their tenants, their buildings, and their business. Rhianna and Reggie are a fantastic team and are just good-hearted people. They have an eye for design that sets their apartments apart. You will find no cookie-cutter sad apartments here! Even tenants are selected with care which is why our neighbors are all such awesome, good people! As all buildings get old and have issues so has ours from time to time but by the time I even notice an issue, the property management team is already addressing it! On the rare occasion that I’m the first to see something that needs attention, my requests are consistently met with a timely, professional response and there is always follow up. The building is always clean as are common areas and everyone is very friendly and welcoming. The team is very professional, honest, flexible, and fair. In a world where there are so many nightmare landlords and property managers who are just in the business for a paycheck, Red Rhino sets a higher bar and truly sets themselves apart. If I ever move into another rental it is going to be a Red Rhino Property!

– Caresse, Kensington, San Diego, CA

“They ended up being the coolest landlords, and quite frankly, two of the greatest people I’ve ever met.”

Reggie and Rhianna first became my landlords when they purchased the place I was renting. At first I was a little nervous. I had heard horror stories of what a change in ownership could mean for a tenant. They ended up being the coolest landlords, and quite frankly, two of the greatest people I’ve ever met.

Case in point: The house I was living in was a cute craftsman sitting on a lot in front of 3 attached bungalows. By “cute” I mean old and charming – it was built in 1927 and felt like it. None of the units had been upgraded or maintained very well and they needed a lot of work. R&R began bringing the property into the 21st century one unit at a time starting with the bungalows in the back as tenants moved out. The remodel and upgrade project came to a full stop when it was discovered that the sewer line for the property needed to be replaced; which meant me, my partner, and our two dogs needed to find somewhere to stay for the indeterminate future while the sewer line was replaced. Boy were we unhappy. New landlords doing construction (albeit to make the place we were living beautiful and up to date), Christmas was just a few days away, and now I needed to be displaced? *heavy sigh*… but then news about the sewer line was immediately followed by “but you know what – we found you a hotel that will take you and your dogs, and they’re expecting you shortly.” It was very sweet and responsible, and proactive. They turned what could have been a terrible situation into the best it could be! They even worked extra hard and personally managed the repair crews to give us a Christmas Eve surprise – the sewer line was fixed and we got to be spend Christmas in our home.

Reggie and Rhianna are amazing and responsible landlords. They care about the lives of the people they rent to and they take care of the places their tenants call “home.” You’re in the best hands when you rent from them or have them manage your investment property.

– Josh, San Diego, CA