From a client who bought a home in Chula Vista, CA

“We met Ami when we rented a place for 10 weeks. When we told her we were interested in look for a place to buy, she met with us right away. After discussing what we were looking for, she suggested Chula Vista area. With her help we found a great house to buy and just love the place. She was helpful throw out the process of buying this house and hooked us up with the right people for repairs along with anything else we needed. You couldn’t find a better realtor.”

From a client who bought a home in Kensington, San Diego, CA

“Ami is a great resource for anyone looking to buy or sell a house. My wife and I work in property investment and management. Since we started working with Ami, we have not used any one else. She has helped us to locate and negotiate the sale of two excellent investment properties in our target area of uptown San Diego. From start to finish, Ami helped us to decide which property to buy, worked out the math on what the cash flow will be, and worked closely with the other agent to make sure our offer was the one to be accepted. When the time came to purchase a personal residence, Ami was instrumental in helping us close the deal which was not easy in a competitive area like Kensington! She did an excellent job selling our previous residence faster than the comps on the market. I Can’t say enough about her as a salesperson, a professional and a deal maker. The new office located on Adams Ave is a great place to start if you are looking to buy!”

From a client who bought a home in Paradise Hills, CA

“Ami started out as our relator, but she ended up as a friend. Ami was knowledgeable in ALL aspects of real estate, from remodeling and updates, to renting, to reselling, etc.. She’s also been in the real estate business long enough that she had connections in various parts of real estate.

Ami was very thorough with everything. When we were looking into houses that had work done to them, she would to go city hall to make sure the construction/add-ons were up to code. I’ve had friends who had to tear down a bathroom or a kitchen because the remodeled work was not up to codes or was not done by a professional, and they weren’t notified before they closed escrow. We lucked out having such an honest and upfront realtor like Ami.

She was familiar with all areas of San Diego: which areas were up and coming, which areas were great for young professionals, etc. She was even willing to make trips out to Temecula if we had our heart set on a house. Ami was very prompt in responding back to emails. We had plenty of questions, as this was our first time buying a house, and Ami had answers for all of them in words that we could understand.

When it came down to negotiations and counter bids, Ami really listened to what we wanted and what we could afford to offer. Should would always sit down with us and go over all details very thoroughly to make sure we were making a smart decision.

If we ever decide to sell the house, Ami will definitely be our contact! It would be an honor to work with her again. She made the process so painless and easy. Ami was truly the whole package. We are so grateful and were so lucky to have her.”