Reggie and Rhianna first became my landlords when they purchased the place I was renting. At first I was a little nervous. I had heard horror stories of what a change in ownership could mean for a tenant. They ended up being the coolest landlords, and quite frankly, two of the greatest people I’ve ever met.

Case in point: The house I was living in was a cute craftsman sitting on a lot in front of 3 attached bungalows. By “cute” I mean old and charming – it was built in 1927 and felt like it. None of the units had been upgraded or maintained very well and they needed a lot of work. R&R began bringing the property into the 21st century one unit at a time starting with the bungalows in the back as tenants moved out. The remodel and upgrade project came to a full stop when it was discovered that the sewer line for the property needed to be replaced; which meant me, my partner, and our two dogs needed to find somewhere to stay for the indeterminate future while the sewer line was replaced. Boy were we unhappy. New landlords doing construction (albeit to make the place we were living beautiful and up to date), Christmas was just a few days away, and now I needed to be displaced? *heavy sigh*… but then news about the sewer line was immediately followed by “but you know what – we found you a hotel that will take you and your dogs, and they’re expecting you shortly.” It was very sweet and responsible, and proactive. They turned what could have been a terrible situation into the best it could be! They even worked extra hard and personally managed the repair crews to give us a Christmas Eve surprise – the sewer line was fixed and we got to be spend Christmas in our home.

Reggie and Rhianna are amazing and responsible landlords. They care about the lives of the people they rent to and they take care of the places their tenants call “home.” You’re in the best hands when you rent from them or have them manage your investment property.

– Josh, San Diego, CA