San Diego Home Prices In 2022

San Diego Home Prices In 2022: Neighborhoods to Check Out

As the 8th largest city in the country, San Diego home prices have a price tag to match. Though not the most expensive of the bunch, it is still easy to think I can’t afford anything in San Diego, or I don’t know what to buy on my budget. So, whether you have a budget of $500,000 or $50,000,000, we are here to tell you which neighborhoods to check out in 2022. 

How Many Neighborhoods Are In San Diego? 

If you are planning a move to San Diego, or if you only spend time in your neighborhood, it can be hard to understand just how much there is in this city. According to, there are over 100 neighborhoods in San Diego alone. As you might imagine, a post covering all of those would be very long to read, so we will highlight some of our favorite areas for all of the single-family home budgets in San Diego, California.

For our purposes, we set our search at single-family homes with 2+ bedrooms for this article. 

San Diego Neighborhoods With Luxury Estates $2 million+

First up, let’s start with the luxury end of real estate. For this article’s purposes, these houses will range from $2 million to $50 million—which we realize is a huge gap but they are all spectacular. With a budget of over $2 million, you could get into any neighborhood you want in our city (as of the beginning of 2022), but we love the communities listed below for the most elegant homes for your money. There’s a good mix of beach towns and inland getaways with canyon and mountain views. You cannot go wrong with any one of these neighborhoods, and listed is just one example of a home you could get there. 

San Diego Neighborhoods With Homes Between $1 million and 2 million

Between one and two million dollars can get you into the best neighborhoods in San Diego. You can expect to find homes with three or more bedrooms in this price range and can even get entry-level single-family homes in the higher-end neighborhoods above. But, for the most bang for your hard-earned buck, we absolutely love the following areas of San Diego.

San Diego Neighborhoods With Homes Between $700 and $1 million

According to, which we used for our research on this piece, the median home price in San Diego as of 2022 is $849k and going up. So, to comfortably get into the market here, you should shoot for as close to that number in your loan process or cash offer as possible. Because of this, there is a lot of competition in this price range, but the homes and neighborhoods are vibrant and beautiful. From being in the middle of it all in places like Normal Heights to finding an oasis on Lake Murray, with enough digging, you’ll be sure to find the perfect single-family home for you. Here are some of our favorite examples. 

San Diego Neighborhoods With Homes Between $550 and $700k

If your budget lands a little more around $550-$700k, you can expect smaller homes (2br) with a ton of character. What’s more, most of these neighborhoods have fabulous walkability and lots of great food and things to do nearby. When you start your home search, we suggest giving these neighborhoods a search for some hidden gems for you to call home. 


If you have been following San Diego home prices for some time now, you know that the prices keep going up, up, and away. If you’ve been waiting for a dip, you may never be able to get in. The truth is, the best time to buy was decades ago, but we are here to help you get into something that makes sense for you today. Our team specializes in buyer relationships. We get to know you, what you need, and your long-term goals for your property. So, why not contact us today to see what we can do for you?