Top 5 San Diego Neighborhoods To Buy Real Estate

When it comes to buying real state, the type of property and location that is best for you it’s going to depend on what you are looking for. Questions like – What is your budget? Do you care about schools? Will this be a rental? Determining your priorities will definitely help in reaching the right area for you. San Diego is considered one of the hottest markets in the United States, so if you are ready to buy an investment property, take a look to the top 5 best locations we think are best for real estate in 2018.

La Mesa

La mesa is located on the Eastern outskirts of San Diego’s city limits. In La Mesa you can find a quaint little downtown area with coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, antique stores and bars. There are many parks, hikes, and a short 20 minute drive to the airport and downtown. Homes can be found here for the median price of $470,000.

Normal Heights

Location, location, location. With an eclectic, artistic side, Normal Heights is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in all San Diego that offers many shops, restaurants, festivals, and entertainment. Houses go for just over $460,000.

Little Italy

Little Italy is one of the top tourist destinations and it has become a very desirable place to live for younger, hip professionals working near downtown. It offers many attractions including coffee shops, galerias, restaurants, boutiques, parks, and views to the marina. The median home value in Little Italy is $517,300.

East Village

For those looking for a property exclusively as an investment, East Village is a great option. The advantage of this neighborhood is the location and the price. It is one of the most profitable places in San Diego. The median home value in East Village is $524,300


Clairmont has high demand among young families mainly because its location, diversity, schools, parks and family friendly activities. This San Diego suburb is only 15 minutes from the beach, downtown, airport, and all the trendy spots. The median home value in North Clairemont is $645,000.

creatives commons license: Photo by Joe Wolf