San Diego Community Spotlight

Silent movies introduced us to glitz and glamour, dramas and comedies, and allowed a whole generation to watch stories that they could have only experienced by written word before. Talmadge is a part of that history, named after silent film stars Constance, Norma, and Natalie Talmadge. You can find roads named after them nestled next to each other near a canyon north of Madison Ave to this day. Hollywood built the town, and it remains today adorned with beautiful gates that separate the style of this neighborhood from the rest of San Diego. Talmadge is also known for its large yards and beautifully curvy roads. If you are looking to live tucked away, but close to the likes of Kensington, North Park, Normal Heights, and the rest of central San Diego—then this part of town is the perfect place to start house hunting. 

Things to do

Talmadge is known for its tight-knit community that keeps each other safe and allows for a lot of opportunities to get involved. If you are a small business owner and want a community to network with, the Kensington Talmadge Business Association provides a bunch of fantastic events throughout the year. You can also enjoy Talmadge Food Truck Nights for part of the year and the Talmadge Block Party, along with several other community clubs and events. So, things to do in Talmadge are easy to find—just ask your new neighbor!  


The walkability in Talmadge will have you meeting your step goals every day. This neighborhood is surrounded by three canyons, and has beautiful views, and roads that wind and curve, making you feel like you are in another city. As for stepping over to food and drink spots, Kensington, City Heights, and Normal Heights are just a few walkable blocks away. The proximity to central San Diego provides for a ton to do whether you are a family with kids, a single older adult, or a millennial looking to lie roots in San Diego. 


According to City-Data, the median age in Talmadge is 37.7 years old which is a little older than the San Diego average of 34.2 years old. It is the perfect neighborhood to raise a family in. The median household income in Talmadge is $58,230 compared to San Diego as a whole, which has a median income of $71,481. 


If you are raising a family in San Diego, you need to know where your kiddos will be heading off to school. Take a look at this map created by Voice of San Diego that shows you information about public schools all over the county. Go ahead, click around and see what you find! 


Freeway Access

The Talmadge neighborhood is situated near Interstate 15, tucked right between Fairmount Ave Expressway and Collwood Boulevard which zips you right up to Montezuma and onto the 8 freeway.  So, getting to where you need to go is easy peasy. If you have a long commute to work, we recommend taking the drive and seeing how it feels. Living so close to freeway access may shave minutes off of your commute. You can quickly get to neighborhoods like University Heights, Hillcrest, and North Park by using El Cajon Boulevard and Adams Avenue. These streets are easy to hop onto from any home in Talmadge. If your goal is to stay off of the busy San Diego freeways, that may be utterly doable in an area like Talmadge.

If finding a home in Talmadge is on your agenda, contact us. We would love to help you with your real estate needs, whether you are buying, selling, remodeling, or leasing your home. We cannot wait to get to know you!